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Downloads do Anime Gingaman no Animaniaclub

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Letra da Música Gigarainosu! Gigafenikusu! Gigabaitasu!

Anime: Gingaman

Nome da Música: Gigarainosu! Gigafenikusu! Gigabaitasu!

Descrição: -


Enviada por:
André Sabatto

Nº de Downloads:
Gingaman - Gigarainosu! Gigafenikusu! Gigabaitasu!

Hurry! Giga Vitus!
Rumbling across the terrain! Go go!
With the pride of the Steel Star Beasts Go! Go!
One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

Run! 5 bullets Giga Wheel
Lighting fast moves, Land Mode Beasts Combine!
Giga Rhinos! Ga ga~!
Crushing boulders, its power is leagues above the rest
Giga Rhinos! Ga ga~!
Feel the heat in its blood rushing in its chest of steel
Blast them, Gigantis Buster!
Hero of the red land, Giga Rhinos!

Fly! 5 wings Giga Wing
Seamless transformation, Sky Mode Beasts Combine!
Giga Phoenix Gi gi!
Aiming for its prey, its speed is leagues above the rest
Giga Phoenix! Gi gi!
Feel the rage in its arms of steel
Slash them down, Giganic Boomerang
Hero of the blue sky, Giga Phoenix!!

Giga Rhinos! Ga ga~!
Giga Phoenix Gi gi~!
Giga Vitus! Guo guo~!
Fighting spirit burns fiercely in their bodies of steel
We are Oh-oh! Steel Star-Beasts
Heroes of the land, sea, and air
Giga Rhinos! Giga Phoenix! Giga Vitus!
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